While the value of private colleges with nursing program funding may generally be viewed as exorbitant, those at the top of the list are often the same colleges that are able to waive tuition fees for admitted students whose family incomes are below a certain level. Such opportunities serve to be valuable to students that have worked well enough to earn their degrees in any college that they choose. Note, however, that the private colleges that are most funded are not necessarily listed under the best private colleges nor the best in value throughout the US. In selecting which private college is most suitable, students must also take into account other factors concerning coursework value, existing facilities, curricular and extra-curricular resources, and the like. It is also important to know the values of a college's total endowment rate as compared to a college's endowment rate per student, derived from dividing total endowments over the number of students enrolled. A college with a large endowment but with too many students may not always be able to provide the required financial support.