Do you ever get frustrated with people not showing up on time for meetings?

I know we're all busy, but when someone is late (especially if they are consistently late) for meetings, it shows a lack of respect for the other people with whom they are meeting.

How To Time Management

Although they may not realise it consciously, subconsciously they're saying "My time is more valuable than your time." You can sit and wait for me to arrive when I get there.

And this underlying attitude cannot be healthy for the working relationship of the parties.

So how can you overcome this problem?

There are several ways, including;

  1. Phone ahead to confirm the appointment time and place

  2. Confirm the appointment time and place in writing beforehand, for example by email

  3. Setting the appointment time in their diary, at the time they need to leave (allowing ample time to travel to the meeting and arrive on time)

All of these are positive constructive ideas. However I'd like to share a 'little gem' that works a treat. Over the years, it has consistently worked almost every single time I've used it.

Here it is...

Make your appointments for 'odd times'.

For example; instead of 8am, schedule your meeting for 8:10am. Instead of 2:30pm, make your appointment 2:40pm, or instead of 12noon, meet at 11:45am, etc.

This has three immediate benefits;

1. it stands out from all the other appointments that day,

2. it usually makes people more punctual for the meeting and lastly,

3. it gives the perception that your time is extremely valuable... which it is.

Try it!

Have some posture when setting appointments.

Don't say, "Oh, I'm free all afternoon, what time works well for you?" Instead, firmly say "I can fit you in at either 1:10pm or 3:50pm, which of those times works best for you?"

The perception is that you're very busy and your time is important (again, which it is). When YOU value your time, others will value your time. But it must start with you first. You can't expect others to value your time when you don't.

Being rigid won't work - you need some flexibility, yet be firm in your appointment setting. Set your meetings for 'odd times'. Stick to those times.

And you'll soon train other people to show up to appointments with you... on time, every time!

Time Management Tip - How to Get People to Show Up to Meetings On Time, Every Time!

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