Last week I got hit face on with a family crisis that took me away from my work time, disabled part of my prep time, and my writing hours took a major shift, however... I still managed to get the important stuff done. I realized from my notes, that my process of getting it all done, was probably different than 'the norm' and I probably should share the process with other home executives who need to 'get it all done' amid the daily crisis that take over our lives.

Time management is a primary need on a daily basis, and when life takes over, how we manage our time often determines the end result of any financial plan that we have set in motion. While finances may not be a prime concern at all times, for most of us, it's enough of a concern that we must keep that ball in the air. Knowing how to manage your time so that financial constraints and work gets done is a definite plus.

How To Time Management

Follow these steps and your important work will get done, and you'll be able to manage the rest.

1. Know your priorities.

When you know what you really must do to keep your business moving forward, you've got a head start on an emergency. You can often delegate those duties to others, or even hire out responsibilities that you can't keep up with yourself. If you must do them yourself, knowing what actually has to be done, helps you get it done in a timely manner.

2. Stay ahead of the game.

Staying a week or more ahead of your deadlines, helps you to manage when a crisis appears on the horizon. Those heart ripping deadlines that keep you bouncing between them, often take more out of you than you realize, particularly when the deadline looms and a crisis strikes. Keep your work done ahead, don't over schedule your time, and schedule delivery at least a week after you plan to complete a job.

3. Have a Crisis Plan.

Knowing one or more people you can count on in a crisis to step up and take over for you if necessary is a requirement for any executive, but even more so if you own your own business. The point here, you have to be able to trust those you consider your competition. You may have to lean on them to help you in a crisis.

4. Maintain Value Balance.

Always give more than you get, so that when you need something in return, your customers don't feel like you're taking them to the cleaners. If you consistently give more your customers will have an edge and know they can count on you in return. They will go the extra mile, be understanding, and consider your needs when you have a crisis.

5. Never Procrastinate.

If you make a point of getting the work done, when it comes in, even if you have some time before your deadline is due, you can stay ahead of schedule enough to give yourself room for a crisis. When you put it off until the next day, your business suffers.

Notify your customers immediately if you have a crisis and let them know you're having a problem, so they can make room for delays.

Do you need more help with time management and keeping up with your business?

Time Management For Work From Home Executives

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