To successfully and efficiently complete your daily tasks in your nursing shift, it is essential to organize and prioritize every time. The first thing that you have to understand is that things do not always go as planned. Rather, it is the exception when everything falls right into schedule. Because you are always expecting the unexpected, it will be easier for you to readjust your plans and not panic and get stressed out at the slightest changes. You will feel cooler and lighter in your discount landau scrubs. You should always have a Plan B even if it is just a vague plan.

Organizational and time management skills are invaluable skills for nurses and yet there are a lot of nursing schools that do not include these essential tools in their required courses, and only offer it as extension courses. Below are some ways to develop good organizational and time management skills.

\"time Management\"

Preparing at home

Being in the comfort of your home and away from the high intensity of your work environment, you will be able to think more clearly and objectively. While at home, you should already start organizing the basics of your shift. What you can do is try to map out a day in your life as a nurse. In a paper or word processor divide your shift into two hour increments and fill up the projected patient meal times, AM care, HS care, and so on. Include medication schedules such as ac, pc, and hs medications if there are any. Also put in when your patients are likely to go for therapy or tests and when MDs make their rounds. Also consider when new admits and discharges are likely to surge during the shift and what part of visiting hours gives you some time to catch up on tasks you left behind. The goal is to know when you will be busiest and when the tasks slow down so that you know how to readjust in any situation or circumstance.

Organizing at work

It is best to arrive early for your shift so that you have the time to assess the intensity of the previous shift and prepare yourself accordingly, whether for chaos or for downtime. So that you can anticipate what will ensue more or less in your shift, listen during rounds and reports on how busy the staff is going to be, the general level of acuity of that day's patients, who might have time to help you should you get overwhelmed, patients who require more of your time, what assessments, treatments and procedures you could learn from if you had the time, new patients and their diagnosis and treatments that you need to look into, time specific events such as meetings, things that you want to put off until the end of the shift or hope you don't need to do, and things that can be delegated to an LPN or nursing aide. Prioritize things that are difficult or you dislike so that you can get them out of the way. The more you put them off, the more they will be a burden for you for the rest of the day. Once you're done with the hard tasks, things will be generally lighter from there.

Nursing Tips - How to Organize and Prioritize Your Shift

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There are two kinds of wasps, one that can give you a lot of trouble and one that won't be bothering you much, and is in fact quite beneficial to your garden. The solitary type don't make any nests and will take care of annoying pests in your garden. The social wasps, on the other hand, is the one you want to watch out for. If you have those kind of wasps, it can cause you some headache, but don't worry, we will see some easy ways on how to kill wasps.

As with any pests, precautions and anticipation is a good way to make sure you won't have a wasp infestation. Wasps all die during cold weather, except for the queen, that goes into hibernation. Once she wakes up, she will look for a nest. This happens at the beginning of spring. If you see a big wasp looking around your house or garage, take no chance and kill it, it is probably a queen looking to make a nest in or around your house. Other useful things you can do is fill up any cracks or holes around your house or in the garden, since it is a favorite nesting place for wasps. Also by sealing garbage, not having any sweet things around your house you decreases the chances of having wasp problems. If you got a wasp nest problem and want to know how to kill wasps, then read on to know how to eliminate wasps.

How To Time Management

The best way to eliminate wasps from an underground nest is with kerosene or diesel fuel. The reason is that the toxic fumes will kill them very quickly. The trick is to know of all the holes that the wasps use for their nest. When you know where they are, you have to work during the night or early morning, when most of them are sleeping in the nest. You need to pour the kerosene or diesel fuel and cover the holes as fast as possible, having a partner is ideal. If the holes are all sealed, the toxic vapors will get rid of the entire nest very fast.

For outside nests, such as a paper wasp nest, it's not difficult either. You will need to work at night also. How to kill wasps without being in danger you might ask. Simple you just need to be well dressed with a few layers to prevent stings. You should also move slowly and get your wasp killing agent ready. Raid is very useful for getting rid of wasps. You should spray the entrance enough that the wasps will get in contact with the chemicals when they go out. If the nest is elevated, use a projectile spray instead, it should reach the nest, since it can spray up to 20 feet. This should take car of your wasp problems.

How to Kill Wasps the Easy Way - Eliminate Wasps in No Time and Be Free of Them

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In life, men are controlled by time. They are always fighting against it. If time is not seen, man will not be so anxious. Think too much about it for time alone controls every action of man. By night one rests and by day one works. If men can forget about time, then they may work without even thinking of time to rest. Yet men are anxious of this movement of time. When one works, time should not be the limit of work done. Rather remember that time is ever on the move and once gone, it will never return. Thus, why should men be so scared of spending more time? For if more time is spent, more work can be achieved.

One must learn to make use of time to its maximum and do not waste precious time. A man may waste ten years and the next ten years may go down to the drain. Have you ever thought of how many years left you have? Time is precious so one must control it well. Use it for working out things that may benefit mankind in the end. Waste it not by idling it. Use it in the right way and you too will gain. Remember with every sunrise and sunset, a day is gone behind you. Even if one cries for it, it will not return. Men may be of high intelligence yet no one can rewind the clock to suit them. Search now as if one may never find. Work now as if one will not work again. In today's society, men tend to slacken and instead of suiting to time, they relax as if there are years and years to come. Estimate the time that you have and contribute every minute if you can.


My Master JiGong says, "At leisure, don't just think about earning money. Money has four legs and Man has two legs; no matter how hard you run, you can never catch up with it. At leisure, spend some time to foster and nurture your mind and spirit. Besides learning how to conduct oneself as a start, you also need to go and see the mountains, go and see the waters and the Four Seas (the world). That will widen and enlarge our heart and mind. Then only can we feel an extensiveness in this narrow living space of the society.

Modern people find that even 24 hours a day are not enough to spend. This is only because they spend the time seeking a life of material comfort. Hence you must spare some time to do what is beneficial to your mind and body. What is beneficial to the mind and body is to cultivate one's own virtuous nature. At this time, it's easy to cultivate the Truth, but it's not easy to cultivate or correct the mind. Your mind is constantly changing with the worldly affairs. Furthermore, your mind is constantly watching people change their faces. The most fearful thing in cultivating is to follow human feelings because human feelings have Human-Airs (human pride)."

Time waits for no man but time surely will make us old men. My father when he was seventy years old told me that it was just like yesterday that he was a boy. Occasionally, I bump into my old friends and classmates, seeing them, I could feel like what my father said. Looking at myself, and youngsters started calling me uncle, time is really very precious. How much longer can I contribute to mankind and how much can you contribute to mankind! As we cannot rewind the clock and we can't catch up with money no matter how fast we run after them, why not spend a little time each day seeking the real meaning of life. Fulfill the purpose of life so that it will not be sunk into a loss and an illusion of the past, the present and the future.

Author: T.A Chew

Life - Time is Precious

T.A Chew, in the past worked very hard trying to achieve big dreams. Working day and night, running here and there, nothing seems to materialize even after agreements had already been signed, only waiting for the money to be paid. Scouting for big cars and houses in anticipation at that time; it was all a dream. Only time will tell but this time is not big cars and houses but how far and wide can the message can be carried across throughout the world. Website:

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I would guess as you are reading this article you are either interested in or already have an eBay or ecommerce business. You are doing this to make some part time or full time money to pay those bills. And even if you are not and are just doing this for a bit of fun, you should always go that extra mile in who you service and delivery the orders that you get online.

We are all humans and as humans we like to be treated with care, love and respect, this is just natural and when we do receive this we talk to our friends and co-workers about it for days. For a minute I want you to stop and think about the last time you went to a shop and bought something. Did the cashout people pack your bags? Ask how you were, give you a free gift? Or you stopped in a hotel and each night you had a chocolate on the pillow. Now unless there was a promotion on they did not need to do this, and again I would guess when this happened you told many people. You see by this one person going the extra mile many people heard and came to that shop.


OK I know you are sitting there and thinking yeah I can see that working for a shop, but how can I apply this extra mile principal in my online store? Well believe it or not there are many ways in which you can go that extra mile, and below I have just listed a few:

@ In your item listing you say you post second class, well leave it at that and send the item 1st calls your customer will be happy.

@ Keep your customer up to date from the second they buy to the time you send the order out, this will impress them and keep them up to date with what is happening.

@ Include a small hand written note saying "Thank You" for the order. Customers will love this.

@ If you sell things like perfume etc, you may have boxes of samples, just add a few in with the order, this will not add to the shipping costs and may get you more orders.

@ Another way you can go that extra mile is someone buys something from you and email and say look I know it says you only ship on the day, but it is my daughters " sweet 16 party" at the weekend, please can you send the item out a bit sooner, and we will pay the extra. You email back and say it is OK, the item has been sent straight away by 1st class and no extra cost. And in the box you include a "sweet 16" card.

With all the above apart from time and a small cost, you have gone the extra mile and people will remember this and will buy from you time and time again and will tell all their mates and family why they should buy from you.

How to Go That Extra Mile When You Sell Items Online

Andrew has a passion to see people, make ago on the internet and direct marketing, something he has learned the hard way is that using sales data can help you have a good living online. Sales data is the proof you need to see if your product will sell or not sell. To learn more about selling online take a look at

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As women, we often snicker at the whole concept of multi-tasking. Who hasn't had several pans on the stove while answering the phone, opening the mail, switching loads of laundry and making a kid's snack - all at the same time? The only way to make it through each day is to double and triple our efforts in the same time slot. Is this the most effective way to function? Maybe not, but it is often the most efficient way for us.

This is not to suggest that men do not multi-task. I am merely suggesting that multi-tasking is often so second-nature to women that we don't even give ourselves credit for what we do accomplish in a day. In fact, more often than not, we beat ourselves up for not getting enough done that day!

\"time Management\"

There is a difference in the effectiveness when multi-tasking in a setting where we really need to focus on content and details. Those household tasks described above have become learned patterns or habits so our brain often does not have to fully focus on what we are doing. It is like driving the car. You don't really think about each action you take to start the car, buckle up, adjust your position, back out, etc. But you do think about specific actions such as checking behind you when you back up, watching for other vehicles and signals, etc. This group of tasks requires your focus.

Recently it has been reported that multi-tasking does not make us more efficient. It is suggested that we have less satisfactory results than we would have if we would just focus on one thing at a time. Carnegie Mellon University researcher Professor Marcel Just used MRI imaging to study what happens in the brain when a person multi-tasks. He measured the number of "brain units" that were activated when subjects performed tasks separately and then at the same time.

The results indicated that when the subjects took each task individually, 37 brain units in different areas were activated for each of the two tasks. When the subjects combined the tasks as in multi-tasking, only 42 units were activated. This indicated a 44% reduction from a total of 74 units (37 from each task) when the tasks were done separately.

What does this mean for those of us who multi-task frequently? We could experience:

o reduced efficiency

o lower levels of performance

o mistakes

o forgetfulness

o less than desirable outcomes

o frustration

o exhaustion

o stress

To function at our highest level, we should approach important tasks one task at a time. It is important to set aside a specific time when you will not allow interruptions. Make an "appointment" with yourself - actually write it down in your planner or Outlook calendar. Then keep the appointment just as you would if you were meeting someone else. Now go out there and focus on one important thing at a time and let others know you will handle the next task later. Here's to your effectiveness!

Time Management Challenges - Ineffective Multi-Tasking

BOTTOM LINE? The more productive you are the faster you will succeed. And now I invite you to claim your copy of my FREE Report "On Being People Smart" to help show you how your behavior impacts your success. Get it at Sherry G. Day, M.S. has been coaching organizations and individuals to maximize their potential for the past 20 years and is the author of "Strategically Transforming Entrepreneurial Potential." She is President and Chief Learning Officer, Executive Resources-Human Potential Consultants, L.C.

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The recent real estate "crisis" has caused a number of beneficial effects on the property management industry. There has never been a better time to consider starting a property management business than right now.

1. Houses are not selling, therefore homeowners that need to move and/or investors are forced to rent their units out; thus increasing the rental property supply chain.

2. Houses are foreclosing by homeowners and being bought by investors that in turn rent the property out. This increases the amount of supply as well.

3. The homeowners that were foreclosed upon will now be renters. Thus increasing the rental pool and increasing demand.

How To Time Management

The above items create a perfect storm for the Property Management Business Industry. The purpose of my article is to present and discuss the 6 categories that are paramount in developing your property management business plan:

1. Executive Summary

2. General Company Description

3. Description of Services

4. Marketing Plan

5. Operational Plan

6. Budget

1. Executive Summary - Include everything that you would cover in a five-minute interview. Who are the owners, what is their experience in this industry? Explain the fundamentals of your business. What do you think the future holds for your business and your industry? Make it enthusiastic, professional, complete, and concise.

2. General Company Description - This includes your mission, vision and company commitments, Who is your target market (higher/lower end residential, multi-family, commercial), what price range of properties will you target, what area(s) will you target, who are the prospective tenants and what's the future of your industry? Form of ownership, what factors will make the company succeed? What strengths do you personally bring to the business? Long term: What are your plans for the future of your business? Growth? If so, at what rate and how will you achieve it?

3. Description of Services - Describe in depth your property management service structure. What will you perform on a monthly basis for your property owners? What will be your monthly fee structure? What additional services will you offer such as evictions, project management, maintenance and what will your fee structure and profit center look like?

Much of your service offering will be developed by performing a complete competitive analysis. Your offering needs to be correctly place in the marketplace to make yourself unique. You should know your competitions monthly fee structure, how many properties they manage, number of managers, etc.

4. Marketing Plan - Bottom line: Your plan for how to attract clients. How will you get your company and offer in front of your prospective property owners. How will you utilize the following: (website, SEO (search engine optimization) plan, online marketing, signs, advertisements, associations, relationships, networking, direct mail campaigns, signs, yellow pages, calling for rent by owners, etc.)

By the way, there are methods that are much more effective than others for a start up real estate management company. Be sure to do your proper research before you unnecessarily spend money.

5. Operational Plan - Explain the daily operation of your business; (its location, equipment, people, processes, and surrounding environment.) If you are starting out opening your own prop mgt business, you will want to spend the majority of your free time in marketing techniques.

6. Budget and Financials - Includes your start up expenses, capital expenses and expected monthly recurring expenses. If you are starting out a your business with 0 properties as I did, you will want to start with a minimal budget in mind. Keep your costs as low as possible. What is your expected income based on your predicted growth rate?

Conclusion: Properly developing your property management business plan is the key to your success. Starting a property management business can be very rewarding, however not having the right direction and foresight from the beginning can blind you and your business. Remember; "Failing to properly plan is properly planning to fail."

Developing Your Property Management Business Plan - How to Start a Property Management Company

Patrick Rogers is the owner of Rents2Riches, a Property Management Business Coaching Company that is dedicated to the phenomenal development and growth of the Property Management Industry. Patrick also develops marketing products that help existing and startup Property Managers get more clients and learn the tips and tricks in operating a Property Management Business.

Patrick offers his own personal property management business plan free for download at

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Lisa-Jane is a senior student nurse in a certain medical college in Wyoming.

After virtually four years of medical research, at first look you can say that she surpassed all kinds of things, from finishing all the requirements of the academic subject matter as much as practical affiliations in the hospital. She has also started to use time management skills. You can say that she is currently prepared to deal with the real world of nursing other people's health. Just like other baccalaureate qualification college students, student nurses also discover identical troubles specially relating to time management.

\"time Management\"

They also have issues in studying to get their exam; also, they also are likely to cram up all through their on-duty training in the hospital.

Although our region delivers a large amount of graduate nurses it does not suffice to the huge number of nursing workforce required.

Shortage of Nurses

As earlier mentioned, time management difficulties tends other nursing students to transfer to different baccalaureate qualification courses. They can't manage with the time pressure with the studies.

As an effect, there is a shortage of nurses in our region. Although various demographic factors have an affect on the number of nurses, student nurses are still the bottom line - they're the upcoming nurses. The lower the population in a specific country, the lesser the demand for medical work force is in that particular country.

According towards National Student Nurses' Association, there are several tips that any nursing student has to have to do well in the occupation. They have got to have

  • The academic capability to pass all of the needed subjects;

  • Great sense of responsibility in the preferred work;

  • Acceptance and also caring;

  • Passion to learn;

  • Adequate belief as well as perseverance to continue the nursing career;

  • Appropriate time management skills
Probably it is the final tip, but its a major consideration among student nurses and must involve it during their studies.

That is the reason why college experts and nursing faculties formulate time management practices to guide the student nurses - both regular and also the remote pupils - cope with all the probable stresses of student nursing.

Professional Nursing System

All college students starting nursing college degree training go through a specialized nursing program. It includes in depth medical practice portion that needs a lot more time and energy from students. One critical factor which time consultants tell to the students is to undertake a schedule that will not jeopardize the completion of the course. Stick at the schedule they have developed.

If an unavoidable scenario comes within their timetable, it really is far better that they will be able to recover it to stay away from extra delay on other exercises.

Successful Time Management Expertise

What precisely are the techniques that you just, being a student nurse requires as a way to accomplish the professional nursing program while at the same time staying successful in your particular occupation? Look on the following tips:

  1. Be organized - Manage the routines according to the things most important to you. Make use of time saving resources to record your pursuits. Appointment notes, time calendars plus document ring binders are a few of the time saving tools it is possible to use

  2. A structured place of work can also assist in making use of the time properly

  3. Prepare ahead: make a reasonable program - At the beginning of the term, study and medical duty times will be already prepared by your school managers. It will be the foundation in setting up the other things to do. Creating a realistic routine can help you to complete the needed courses without clashing with other routines

  4. Avoid overloading. - Nursing really is a serious qualification program. You also really want to have a break in the middle of your university activities. You possibly can include breaks of at minimum 10 to 15 minutes. Loosen up yourself now and again

  5. Practice beneficial study methods - It really is more advantageous being prepared and not to lose in a fight. Think of the medical courses like a battle: have your full battle arsenal by becoming well prepared on unannounced examinations. Develop the study behaviors particularly before sleeping.

  6. Definitely be flexible - Be expecting the unpredicted. In case that you are poorly, (in particular at these occasions that you just need to be on duty in the medical center), you must understand just how to change the daily activities according to what is necessary.
It is hard to become a student nurse. With the keys to good results and appropriate time management expertise and methods, Lisa-Jane cannot regret her decision of getting a student nurse college course.

Time Management Skills For Nursing Students

Pammy is a grandmother who has brought up two daughters and helped with four granddaughters so far. She writes articles about her life. This one is about time management as she thinks that, when she did her nusrsing traininhg, time management for nurses was very important for her.

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