In life, men are controlled by time. They are always fighting against it. If time is not seen, man will not be so anxious. Think too much about it for time alone controls every action of man. By night one rests and by day one works. If men can forget about time, then they may work without even thinking of time to rest. Yet men are anxious of this movement of time. When one works, time should not be the limit of work done. Rather remember that time is ever on the move and once gone, it will never return. Thus, why should men be so scared of spending more time? For if more time is spent, more work can be achieved.

One must learn to make use of time to its maximum and do not waste precious time. A man may waste ten years and the next ten years may go down to the drain. Have you ever thought of how many years left you have? Time is precious so one must control it well. Use it for working out things that may benefit mankind in the end. Waste it not by idling it. Use it in the right way and you too will gain. Remember with every sunrise and sunset, a day is gone behind you. Even if one cries for it, it will not return. Men may be of high intelligence yet no one can rewind the clock to suit them. Search now as if one may never find. Work now as if one will not work again. In today's society, men tend to slacken and instead of suiting to time, they relax as if there are years and years to come. Estimate the time that you have and contribute every minute if you can.


My Master JiGong says, "At leisure, don't just think about earning money. Money has four legs and Man has two legs; no matter how hard you run, you can never catch up with it. At leisure, spend some time to foster and nurture your mind and spirit. Besides learning how to conduct oneself as a start, you also need to go and see the mountains, go and see the waters and the Four Seas (the world). That will widen and enlarge our heart and mind. Then only can we feel an extensiveness in this narrow living space of the society.

Modern people find that even 24 hours a day are not enough to spend. This is only because they spend the time seeking a life of material comfort. Hence you must spare some time to do what is beneficial to your mind and body. What is beneficial to the mind and body is to cultivate one's own virtuous nature. At this time, it's easy to cultivate the Truth, but it's not easy to cultivate or correct the mind. Your mind is constantly changing with the worldly affairs. Furthermore, your mind is constantly watching people change their faces. The most fearful thing in cultivating is to follow human feelings because human feelings have Human-Airs (human pride)."

Time waits for no man but time surely will make us old men. My father when he was seventy years old told me that it was just like yesterday that he was a boy. Occasionally, I bump into my old friends and classmates, seeing them, I could feel like what my father said. Looking at myself, and youngsters started calling me uncle, time is really very precious. How much longer can I contribute to mankind and how much can you contribute to mankind! As we cannot rewind the clock and we can't catch up with money no matter how fast we run after them, why not spend a little time each day seeking the real meaning of life. Fulfill the purpose of life so that it will not be sunk into a loss and an illusion of the past, the present and the future.

Author: T.A Chew

Life - Time is Precious

T.A Chew, in the past worked very hard trying to achieve big dreams. Working day and night, running here and there, nothing seems to materialize even after agreements had already been signed, only waiting for the money to be paid. Scouting for big cars and houses in anticipation at that time; it was all a dream. Only time will tell but this time is not big cars and houses but how far and wide can the message can be carried across throughout the world. Website:

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