The Takt time is an essential indicator that is used in lean manufacturing and can be defined as the amount of time that is allowed to develop one product to be able to meet the demand. This is also known as beat of production is used by a number of organizations as a reference point on which they target the processing times against. Takt time upon calculation is stated in seconds.

To calculate Takt time one will have to determine certain variables and factors which include the following:

How To Time Management

- the daily demand value or the daily order

- the number of time units in minutes or seconds in a working day

To be able to calculate Takt time from the above mentioned variables, you will have to take the total production time per day and divide this by the daily customer demand.

For example, taking 8 hours of processing time per day gives 480 minutes and which further gives 28800 seconds. Now, if the demand per day is 350 widgets, then Takt can be found be dividing the total seconds with the demand value. In this case you will divide 28800 by 350 and will be getting 82 seconds.

Since most businesses do not have a 100% running efficiency, an efficiency percentage will be applied to the working time. This will give a shorter time which means that the running pace of the production line has to be slightly faster. Beat of production is essential when it comes to making process improvements and calculating total time required for process steps.

How to Calculate Takt Time

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