Here's some so great news for you: your potential customers have got too many additional vendors to buy from.

Your own sales team is usually way too savvy (as well as a little bit spoiled) too...they are simply a product of a "feel good" era of unlimited success.

How To Time Management

There are tons of solutions almost exactly like the ones you have which are simply a mouse click away. Even worse is that chances are your current product or service is likely bordering on a being a commodity!

Now in this kind of super competitive, price-driven business universe most of us reside in, precisely what can a sales manager do regarding this?

The vital thing you will need to try to is to decide on a strategic sales approach which optimizes your own sales results while maximizing and bettering your prospects satisfaction with your products or services.

Seems like a mouthful...but allow me to explain.

With information simply a mouse click away, if you sell a product to a person and they are unhappy with it, the swiftness which that knowledge will get passed from the let-down customer to a would-be client is faster than you can say "Follow me on Twitter"...

For that reason, your own sales team's sales tactics need to evolve with the times.

What your sales managers need to do is position your product or service under the ultra-high powered electron microscope of scrutiny and determine precisely what "features" of your products and services are TRULY better-quality than the competition.

Several examples are:

* Your expanded support is longer

* Your consumer support number is open a bit longer

* Your price is a little bit cheaper

* Your product or service saves office time because it delivers fewer errors when used

* Your replacement items are built with better quality material

When you figure out those 1 or 2 features you are genuinely outstanding at then implement the 5 key techniques to beating sales quota below:

1. Identify which of those "feature" distinctions between you and your competition are actually significant

2. Figure out precisely what the "benefit" of that particular feature is

3. Figure out the "benefit behind the benefit" of that benefit

4. Coach your salespeople on the correct way to articulate this "feature - benefit behind the benefit" tactic in a sales call

5. Settle back and enjoy your sales budgets getting blown out

In our next post we're going to train your sales managers specifically what questions they need to ask to complete #1 above, in addition to how to find out exactly what the "benefit behind the benefit" actually is.

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