Project managers are highly sought after these days. Businesses find it more manageable when they break down work into projects. The cost and profitability of each project may then be easily monitored. So how do you come up with a killer resume for a project manager position?

Tip 1: Focus on the needs of the employer. What sort of projects will you be handling? What functions are involved? Be as specific as possible when answering these questions. What sort of tools (e.g. spreadsheets) will you be using to handle each specific function? You haven't began writing your resume yet, but it's useful to have such information at your finger tips.

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Tip 2: When you start writing your resume, you already know what you want to include in it. For example, if you have experiences working in similar projects, now is the time to flaunt your experience. You are focusing on "transferable experience". In other words, employers can expect you to start functioning right from the day you are hired instead of having to train you from the ground up.

Tip 3: Provide specific results. Results are very powerful. How valuable are you to your previous employers? Can you quantify the value that you bring to the table? For instance, the project you previously managed was successfully completed and you not only managed to stay within budget, but you managed to save the Company in excess of 0,000. That is a tangible result and employers are more likely to take notice of you as compared to those who claim that they have good communication skills.

Resume Writing - How to Create a Project Manager Resume

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