Everyone is looking for ways to accomplishing more with their time. One way that many great time managers have found useful is keeping a good to do list. A to do list is where one writes down all the tasks they need to do. For those wishing to improve time management, presented below are five simple time management tips for using to do lists to get things done.

  1. Write down everything you need to do on a notepad you keep with you. Always have the list within reach so you can use it to: make additions, focus on needed work, and determine what to do next.

  2. Make sure the items on your to do list are indented about one inch from the left hand margin. This may seen like a waste of space, however this indention allows you the necessary space for prioritizing, setting dates, or adding status notes.

  3. Divide the pages of your pad into two vertical columns by drawing a line down the middle. Use the right column for tasks that must be done today and the left column for future to do items.

  4. Review and rewrite your list daily. This provides a cleaner list for your quick review. It also keeps you aware of what you need to accomplish and helps you focus on daily priorities and future goals.

  5. Mark items that are completed with a checkmark or highlight with a different color. This allows you to review the list to see how much you have accomplished at the end of each day. Reviewing the list will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to continue with your time management plan.

How To Time Management

Consider these five to do organizing tips to improve time management and get the necessary and important things done. Using to do lists and writing down all the tasks needing to be should improve personal time management. Using the same to do tools that many great time managers have found useful in the past, should lead to personal success with time management and an increased chance of reaching desired goals.

Five Simple Time Management Tips For to Do Lists

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