An enjoyable book full of practical strategies and suggestions for personal management skills. This book will help you handle yourself and your domestic responsibilities. Aslett writes that "the biggest management challenges in life are not in the boardroom, but the living room. Yes, at home, where we have to deal with and juggle family and friends, near and far, schoolwork, shopping, cleaning, home maintenance, car maintenance, yard care, finances, health, grooming, community and church activities, and service. Even pursuing our own and our children's favorite sports and hobbies, taking a hassle free vacation, and pet care - it's all management."

Aslett contends that it is at home and in personal life where 90% of management is needed. In this book, he sets out to help the reader manage this real business, the business of home, self, family, and friends. And I believe that anyone who reads this book and implements some if not all of Aslett's strategies and suggestions will undoubtedly find they are handling more things at once, maybe even 1,000 or more.

How To Time Management

If you are familiar with Aslett's style, you will know that his is a blend of humor, cartoon illustrations, and direct no nonsense get to it advice for being productive. I personally have enjoyed every one of his books I've read, and think he is right on with most of his suggestions. I say most, because I still wear button down collars at times, and I remember in his book "How to Have a 48 Hour Day" also published as "Done" (great book by the way) he suggested not wearing button down collar shirts to save time. J

Anyway, as I said, I have really enjoyed all of the books of his that I have read, and I plan on picking up a couple others this year to read too. And hopefully he will continue writing a lot more.

This book has 12 chapters, each full of practical advice for getting more done and managing the home life:

1. Meet the Manager - You!

2. On Target - YOUR Target

3. Tackling the "To-Do's"

4. When? A Word to the Wise!

5. Every Manager Needs a Crystal Ball

6. Secrets of Master Managers

7. Mastering Those "Home Matters"

8. The Big Three: Junk, Help, & Money

9. The Only Time Expert - You

10. TOOLS - Bigger? Better? Or Bummers?

11. Common Mistakes of Home Managers

12. Staying Out of Problems

The reality is we each have 24 hours a day. No more, no less. If you don't have the money to hire people to manage the daily necessities we all must have done, you will have more time for the productive and enjoyable things in life if you manage the daily tasks with more efficiency. (and even if you do have the money to hire people to do some of your daily chores, you will still be left with many personal and home things to manage) So, the best thing to achieve time to do the fun things or the special things you want to accomplish is to handle the 1,000 things that need to be done in the most practical and efficient way possible. Reading this book will give you a lot of doable strategies to help you with your home and personal management and the motivation to fuel your productivity into overdrive.

"How to Handle 1,000 Things At Once" is humorous and informative, and the advice might just spill over into your work life and make you more productive and successful there too.

How To Handle 1,000 Things At Once - A Fun Guide To Mastering Home And Personal Management

Alain Burrese, J.D. is a mediator/attorney with Bennett Law Office P.C. and an author/speaker through his own company Burrese Enterprises Inc. He writes and speaks about a variety of topics focusing on the business areas of negotiation and success principles as well as self-defense and safety topics. He is the author of Hard-Won Wisdom From the School of Hard Knocks, several instructional dvds, and numerous articles. You can find out more about Alain Burrese at his website or at the Northwest Speakers Association website

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