To answer this question simply, one could say that time management is a process by which one consciously keeps track of the amount of time they spend on each of their activities, in an effort to increase efficiency when it comes to usage of time. Below, you will find some of the basic concepts that are associated with time management of any kind.

Who needs it?

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This is a very subjective question and one will need to analyze their needs very carefully. If you think you are lagging behind in a group of similar work professionals who produce significantly larger outputs than you, you might be in need of time management. You might also need time management if your productivity levels have dipped, when compared to your own productivity levels in the past. You might also need time management if your work causes an extreme amount of stress and anxiety.

For example, some workers might simply be overloaded with too much work. For such workers, no amount of management will help them finish their tasks. Time management is a concept that will allow one to use time more efficiently, not create more time. There will always only be 24 hours in a day, no matter how tediously a work day is planned.

What are some techniques in use today?

Time management, as mentioned earlier, will vary from person to person. Some will simply need to analyze their workday and eliminate some activities while some will need to do an in depth analysis of each of their activities, to see where processes could be improved. Time management may also involve the use of tools and software such as alarms, scheduling software, calendars, to do lists and so on.

You will also be required to analyze your own progress and make further changes to your time management techniques, as necessary. The management of time is a process where perfection can almost never be reached. So, there is always scope for improvement.

What are some quick ways in which these techniques can be quickly applied?

Though the management of time might sound like a sophisticated concept, one can easily reap the benefits of managing time by following some very simple concepts. For starters, one can easily create a lot more time in a work day by eliminating time that is spent on personal tasks. Every employee will have one or two vices such as taking personal calls, checking on their investment portfolio, social networks etc. Such activities must be eliminated or kept to a bare minimum.

Another way in which a simple management of time concept can be applied is that one will have to prepare a priority To Do list before they begin work every morning. The tasks with the most priority will require immediate attention while less important tasks will have to wait until the end of the day. That way, one will at least finish the most important tasks in a day, even if unforeseen circumstances reduced the amount of time they could spend on work.

What Is Time Management?

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